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Seamless Spotlight
Indra Leonardi   Jakarta, Indonesia. Back
Seamless Photographer Indra Leonardi
Seamless Photographer Indra Leonardi

Indra Leonardi, born in August 19th, 1964, is a well-known Indonesian photographer whose portraitures are held in high esteem for their personal-but-artistic touches and nuances.


Graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara,  U.S.A in 1987 with portrait department award. Indra Leonardi started his career at KingFoto, a family business studio, and then founded Leonardi Portraiture to channel his even deeper passion in portraiture photography. He collaborates with several well-recognized painters to create a new type of fine arts through the mix of paintings and photography.


Indra Leonardi firmly believes that a photographer must have a sensible eye for composition in addition to having creativity and technical prowess. With his vast experience and background  in photography, Indra often gets invited as guest speakers in various photography seminars in Indonesia and internationally.


Indra has received the top honor of Fellowship Degrees from The American Society of Photographers and The British Institute of Photographers for his quality of work as a professional photographer; awarded the 1997 Gold Medallion Award by ASP for his print titled ‘Madonna and Chid’ wich as selected as the finest contemporary print of the year and achieved his Master of Photography from PPA.


A member of the International XXV Group of professional photographers, Indra Leonardi is currently living with his wife and two children in Jakarta, Indonesia.


His photograph recently was being auctioned at international auction houses.


Indra Leonardi’s official site.

Fast Facts

Lens: 85 mm+/1.2.

Photographer: David Lachappele and Annie Leibovitz.

Food: Rendang, Indonesian food.

Country: Indonesia.

Hotel: Como Shambala, Bali.

Book: Too many to mention.

Q & A

-Where are you from? Jakarta - Indonesia.

-What's the most valuable thing you own? My family.

-What were your aspirations growing up? Movies.

-What's your attitude to work? Nothing is Impossible.

-Who's style dead or alive do you admire? I admire the works of Annie Liebovitz. I like the way she does a lot of work before she created an image, all the efforts being put in to find a concept, the setups, the settings, the lightings, the costumes, the mood, and the composition. Her works are timeless and very inspiring. I also like the works of David Lachapelle. His works are very provocative, great energies and sticks to our minds.


-Where do you like to dine around the world? My favorite restaurant is Mozaic. It is in Ubud, Bali. It serves French cuisine in a garden which is dimly lighted with candles and lights hanging from the palm trees. The atmosphere is really relaxing while the food is superb.

-Outside of work , what are your interests? Collecting arts.

-Did you go to school to study photography? Yes, Brooks Institute of Photography.

-What type of cameras do you shoot with? Canon 1 DS Mark 3.

-Which 5 words would your friends use to describe you? The 5 words that I often heard by friends described me are: easygoing, fun to be with, creative, trustworthy, and dependable.

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