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Seamless Spotlight
Peter Cox   Killarney, Ireland.Back
Nocturne, An Searrach, Dingle
The Long Range River, Killarney, Co. Kerry
The Fastnet from the Air
Pre-Dawn, the Fastnet Rock, Co. Cork

Peter Cox is a landscape photographer and educator working and living in the wilds of Ireland. Using a combination of artistic vision and technical mastery, he creates images that communicate his love for the landscape directly to the viewer by evoking the emotion of the scene. Recognised as one of the premier photographers in Ireland, Peter Cox has won the national Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2007 and is an instructor for Phase One’s illustrious PODAS workshops. As an educator, he has a strong focus on his students and works hard to ensure that they both improve their craft and get great enjoyment from his workshops. Bringing students from all over the world and sharing the beautiful and lesser-known nooks and crannies of his country gives him great personal satisfaction.


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Fast Facts

Camera: Phase One IQ180 digital back on Arca-Swiss tech camera.

Photographer:  Julian Calverley.

Food:  Sushi.

Country:  Ireland.

Hotel:  Warm bed and close to the dawn location!

Book:   Anything by Alastair Reynolds.

Q & A

1. Where are you from? Dun Laoghaire in Co. Dublin

2. What were your aspirations growing up? To do something that I really enjoyed for a living.

3. Best words of advice for surviving this current market? Pay as much attention to your business as you do your photography!

4. Who's style dead or alive do you admire? Ansel Adams, Julian Calverley

5. How would you describe your style? Illustrative, painterly

6. What Photographic Organisations do you belong to? The Irish Professional Photographers Association (IPPA)

7. What was the last workshop you attended and why? Been some time since I’ve attended a workshop as I run them myself – however, in 2006 I visited Iceland for the first time with Daníel Bergmann – wonderful experience, and I’ve been going back ever since.

8. Do you have any workshops on the horizon? Yep – I’ll be running or organizing three workshops for Phase One next year and a few more for other clients. I’m running two workshops in Iceland and one in Ireland for myself. Details at

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