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Robo-cams Are Deployed For Olympics

There is not long now until the world is gripped by Olympic fever. News agencies around the planet will be crying out for the most exciting and up to date images available. A new strategy will be used as banks of robo-cams are deployed for Olympics.


These banks of top of the range DSLR cameras will take up to 11 remotely operated cameras, each with a different set up. The idea is that you can put these cameras into spaces that are impossible for photographers to be in.


The setup relies on cameras being triggered either wirelessly or by cable wire and they will be positioned mostly at angles close to the athletes or high above them. As the images are captured they are instantly uploaded to the technicians’ and photographers’ editing workstations and then sent out on the wires.


This technology has been developing since the 2009 Athletics World Championships in Berlin and was first put to work at the World Athletics Championships in Deagu, South Korea.


Fabrizio Bensch, one of the main people behind this technology said, “Over the next few weeks until the Olympic Games open on July 27, I will install our new robotic cameras, often using climbing equipment. From now on, getting up early in the morning and spending more than 12 hours at the various venues is my daily business as a photographer to make this picture dream come true.”


Click here to read more from the official Reuters site as robo-cams are deployed for Olympics.


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