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About Seamless

What Is Seamless Photo?

If you are looking for high-quality photography equipment, photo folders or photography software, then Seamless is the place for you! Plus, we offer FREE shipping on some of our hottest products, like our Photography Backdrops, Folio Boxes and USB Folios all over the USA. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just picked up your first camera or you’re a professional photographer, Seamless has something to inspire you on your photographic journey.

Why Seamless Photography Equipment?

Seamless is a company by photographers for photographers! This means you know that our products have been tried and tested, by those who know, to help make you a better photographer, inspire you to be more creative and allow you focus fully on capturing the perfect image. We believe in the right tools for the right job at reasonable prices.

Photography Backdrops Designed by Photographers

We are proud to work with such inspirational photographers as Marcus Bell and Emily Soto who have each designed a muslin backdrop for Seamless. Marcus Bell’s Impressions Muslin Backdrop is the embodiment of vintage chic while Emily Soto’s Eleanor Muslin Backdrop combines her fashion style with urban cool.

Seamless aims to search the photographic world and empower all photographers and videographers with the best photography equipment and camera accessories. Check out some of our essential product categories now like the professional Seamless Studio Flash, Lens Filters, DSLR Viewfinder, Camera Accessories, Camera Triggers, Off Camera Flash Kits, Photography Backgrounds and Folio Boxes.

Be Inspired Blog By Seamless

Seamless also presents the 'Be Inspired Blog' which has free inspirational tools and resources. Photography Tips covers everything from understanding ISO to shooting DSLR video with ND Faders to advanced portrait lighting. Photography News has all the latest gossip from the photographic world and the ever-popular Seamless Spotlight has interviews with some of the finest photographers on the planet. Let’s see what you can do…

Seamless - the online destination for photography equipment.