Reflector Holder Arm

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A Photography Studio Essential.

Work hands-free and attach your photography reflector to any standard light stand with this Reflector Holder Arm. Able to hold a reflector up to 165 cm (64.96”), this reflector arm is expandable from 77 cm (30.32”) to 178 cm (70.08”) and attaches to a light stand with a high-quality, plastic gobo grip.

Fits The Gear You Already Own.

The Reflector Holder Arm’s telescopic design has a minimum working length of 77 cm (30.35”), a medium working length of 128.5 cm (50.59”) and a maximum length of 178 cm (70.01”). This means that the arm can support any reflector from 10 cm (3.94”) to 165 cm (64.96”) in diameter and is held in place with two adjustable, spring-loaded reflector grips.  

As Hard Working As You Are.

Complete with a heavy-duty, plastic gobo grip, the Reflector Holder Arm can be secured to any standard light stand or similar support. Each side of the gobo grip has two sockets that are, when fully tightened, 2 cm (0.79”) and 2.5 cm (0.99”) and are able to rotate independently.

Bounce light under your subject’s eyes and chin, create a rim light or lighten the shadow areas of your portrait with this must-have lighting accessory.

Please note: Light stand not included.

What’s In The Box:

1 x Reflector Holder Arm.
1x Gobo Grip.

Attach your reflector to any standard light stand or similar accessory.

Made from high-quality aluminium and plastic.

Telescopic, three-sectional bar design.

Can be extended any length between 77 cm (30.35”) and 178 cm (70.01”)

Minimum working length: 77 cm (30.35”). 

Medium working length: 128.5 cm (50.59”).

Maximum length of 178 cm (70.01”).

Holds reflector with two spring-loaded, grips.

Can hold any reflector sized between 10 cm (3.94”) and 165 cm (64.96”).

Gobo Grip:

High-quality and durable plastic.

Double-sided grip. 

Each grip can be rotated independently. 

Accepts bars 2 cm (0.79”) in diameter and wider. 

Please note: Light Stand not included.

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