60” Reflector Umbrella Softbox

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Beautiful Light. Quality Design.

The 60” Reflector Umbrella Softbox from Seamless is a high-quality, durable and easy-to-use softbox that is ideal for both on location and in-studio photo shoots. Made from a long-lasting material, this softbox is silver lined for extra luminosity and can be deployed in seconds.

Studio Results Without The Studio.

The 60” Reflector Umbrella Softbox is designed to create a beautiful light quality by bouncing your strobe or continuous light off the reflective lining and then scattering the light through a large diffusion surface. These two actions combined create a gorgeous, flattering light normally found in high-end softboxes or in specialised studios with large windows.

Super. Simple Setup.

Shipping in a handy carrying bag, the 60” Reflector Umbrella Softbox also packs away small, making it ideal for home studios or on-location shooting. The umbrella design makes this softbox incredibly portable as it can be assembled in seconds and attaches to almost any standard umbrella holder without compromising on quality.

What’s In The Box:

1 x Umbrella softbox with silver lining.
1 x Carrying bag.

The 60” Reflector Umbrella Softbox has a standard umbrella rod making it compatible with almost any lighting type including strobes, LED continuous lights or speedlights with an umbrella adapter.

The zip and drawstring design allows you to fit the softbox to the lighting gear you already own without the need for speedring adapters or specialised fittings.

Durable design.

16 spokes.

Standard umbrella rod.

60” diameter when fully opened.

Compatible with a wide variety of lighting types.

No speedring necessary.

Includes carrying case.

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