Backdrop Triple Hooks

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Your Complete Backdrop System.

The Backdrop Triple Hooks kit comes with two background triple hooks and three, manual control, expander plastic chain and weight sets. Blending security with ease-of-use, this backdrop support system has everything you need to hang and roll up to 3 backgrounds right out of the box. 

Secure Solution. Simple.

This studio background support can either be secured directly to a wall or to a super clamp (not supplied) and can be used with standard paper rolls or other backdrop support bars. 

This heavy-duty background support is a real solution for hanging three backdrops at once and where mobility is not a necessity, yet productivity is essential.      

What’s In The Box:

2 x Background Triple Hooks.
3 x Expander backdrop supports.
3 x Manual drive chains.
3 x Chain weights.  

Made from high-quality plastic and metal.


2 x Background triple hooks.
3 x Expander backdrop supports.
3 x Manual drive chains.
3 x Chain weights.

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