-How did you first become interested in photography?

My journey began in Lviv, Ukraine when I was 16 and just started working at a photo lab.

-What is your typical camera setup on a shoot?

I use film cameras and Kodak film (ISO 400 or 160). Always use the minimum aperture

-How would you best describe your own style of photography?

Good idea plus preparation and originality.

-Where does the inspiration for your images come from?

Each of my photos is inspired by a scene from real life. That is the perfect source of inspiration for me as there is so much beauty to it. Perhaps today on your way to work, when you were observing the world around you, that was the scene to inspire my next photograph. Of course there are my own changes that I add to the reality, such as characters, props, location, and light... I am constantly involved in a search for inspiration and ideas.

-What is your dream project?

 Everything I do is my dream project.

-Do you see your work as portrait focused or commercially based?

 All at the same time. I am creating a photo, and then later the buyer is located. I work with many publishers.

-What is your post-production workflow like?

 No amount of post-processing can make a bad photo into a good photo. That’s a good rule to know. Hence, in my photos there is colour correction only. Other problems which may need editing are solved during the shoot.

-Why the square format?

 I use medium format film cameras. Film size - 6x6.

-Is there a single theme or philosophy that runs throughout all of your photography?

 I think this is freedom

-What was the best career advice you were ever given?

 Shoot, shoot and shoot some more. What else is there to say? Drop your job and shoot ... if you feel that’s what you want. Freedom, happiness, money... all will come after you let go and just shoot.