-How did you first become interested in photography?

It started in 2010 when my wife gave me my first DSLR Camera, the Canon 550D, for Christmas. From this moment on, photography became a big passion in my life. I’m live in the beautiful countryside of Upper Franconia and so I started with some landscape pictures around my hometown.

-What words best describe your style of photography?

Atmospheric and moody forest and landscape photography.

-Did you always want to be a professional photographer?

No. I prefer and enjoy the independence of not being a professional photographer. For me, photography is just a great and unforced hobby and should remain so. I do not know whether my passion for photography would be just as it is now, if this was my profession and I would have to live on it.

-What is your typical camera setup?

Nikon D800E with lenses f/4.0 24-120 mm + f/2.8 70-200 mm, tripod, polarizing + ND graduated filters.

-What is your post-production workflow like?

As I take all photos in RAW image format, I use the RAW converter Lightroom for post-processing. Here I adjust white balance, colour, tone, clarity, vibrancy, contrast, highlights, shadows, sharpness and, if needed, crop the image. If I am satisfied with the result, I save the photo in two different sizes (the original size and 1500px for websites) in JPEG image file format.

-What is your dream project?

I don’t have a specific dream project right now. On my photographic wish list are some primeval-like forests in Germany I want to visit.

-What is your biggest resource in relation to technical knowledge and how long did it take you to master your technique?

For my photographic genre, I master the technique quite well, I hope. I know there are still resources that I have to learn but this imperfection keeps me in a certain way, the passion on fire. Pure perfection gives me boredom. And I would never like to have this in my favourite leisure activity of photography.

-The locations that you shoot are obviously very special to you. What is it like to work in a landscape that you feel so connected to?

My intention is to show the beauty of the nature that surrounds me. I prefer the rather unknown and undiscovered landscapes. There are some magical places I visit more than once a year. Depending on the season and the weather, the mood is always different and for this reason the photographic results are extremely exciting. My most successful pictures are the ones I almost shot at my doorstep. That makes me very happy.

-What is your top tip for shooting landscapes?

Less is more. This applies both to picture composition and to post-processing.

-Do you see your work as documentary, commercial or art based?

Documentary with an art-based touch.

-What was the best career advice you were ever given?

I have not received this best advice so far. However, there were many small pieces of advice that have pushed me forward bit by bit. I would repeat that ‘less is more’ is very important to me.