-How did you first become interested in photography?

I used to work for a chain of supermarkets in the area of market research, so I had to travel throughout the country to understand the market and opportunities for new stores. So I started taking pictures while travelling during my free time and little by little, I realised that I had enough of them and that I should take it more seriously. Although I never did until I had a disease (cancer) and when I recovered, I knew I had to finally do it.

-What words best describe your style of photography?

Natural, clear, sexy.

-What is your typical camera setup on a shoot?

I usually have my aperture between 1.8 and 2.2 and based on that, I set everything else.

-What is your post-production workflow like?

I look the pictures right on the memory card and I start to delete the pictures I don´t like or that did not work out. I try to erase as many as possible. After that, I pass the final photos to my computer and I look at them again in Lightroom to get closer and try to delete more. At the end, I edit the final photos in Photoshop.

-What is your dream project?

I want to be a travel photographer, I love to travel and know new places.

-What is your biggest resource in relation to technical knowledge and how long did it take you to master your technique?

When I started to become more interested in photography (formally), I decided to study a diploma and take all the workshops I could, it really became an addiction. I also used to use online tutorials, now there is nothing better than practice, self-learning and even self-criticism.

-How do you approach posing or directing your subject?

Over time my confidence became greater. I want my photos to look somewhat natural, or not so forced. I am very direct in saying what I want to highlight in each photo, sometimes I even try posing myself although I do not do it very often, I look too bad.

-How do you select your locations?

I´m big fan of using natural light and white reflectors, so I prefer brightly lit locations. It is basically what matters most to me, if is possible.

-Do you see your work as documentary, commercial or art based?

Commercial mainly, although also documentary with respect to the photos that I make of my travels.

-What was the best career advice you were ever given?

Don’t compare yourself and start to work everyday to overcome yourself.