-How did you first become interested in photography?

I got a Canon AE1 for a high school graduation gift, and that’s what started it.

-How would you describe your style of photography?

Very clean, elegant portraits for real people with a fashion look.

-What is your typical camera setup on a shoot?

Very simple, just hand held Canon 6D.

-Is there a theme or concept that runs throughout all of your work?

I always go back to my influences, I just want people to look the most beautiful they have ever looked.
I haven’t really gone into a big theme or story for my work yet.

-How do you promote your work?

Primarily in person, at a networking group or though referrals.

-What is your post-production workflow like?

Upload it, edit in Bridge, retouch in Photoshop, finish off in AlienSkin. Have a glass of wine.

-What is your dream project?

Any job where I could get paid to travel somewhere fabulous like London or Paris.

-What is your top-technical tip for lighting people?

Don’t be afraid of strobes, they will give you a lot more options.

-How would you advise someone just starting out in portrait photography?

Shoot a lot. Shoot everyone you know. When you can start making your friends look good, you know you are on the right track. People who are highly organised and meticulous in business have a big advantage.

-What was the best career advice you were ever given?

“You should just go home and bake cookies, women never make it in this business.” This was said to me by a teacher at Art Center. Obviously I’m not one to take advice.