Backdrop Support Bar – 3 m


Get The Support You Need.

The Seamless Backdrop Support Bar – 3 m (118.11”) is a 3 x 100 cm (39.37”) sectional crossbar that gives extra support to a photographic backdrop when used with a background stand or expander background support systems.

Protect Your Backdrops From Ripples Or Creases. 

Especially useful with paper photographic backdrops, the Backdrop Support Bar – 3 m protects against the backdrop becoming rippled and warped over time. 
Once the three x 100 cm bars are fitted together it forms a 3 m (118.11”) support bar that plastic expander rollers fit inside.
Please Note: All three sections must be fitted together to work with standard backdrop support systems.

What’s In The Box:

3 x 100 cm (39.27”) sectional aluminium bars.

3 x 100 cm crossbars.
Fits any standard expander background support system. 

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